Polio drop has VIRUS not VACCINE!!!…


Polio drop is not a Vaccine, rather it contains Virus which is given to young children to stimulate antibodies and enhance immunization activity of blood cells, which is one of the significant information in Medical Assistance program.

Poliomyelitis(Polio) is a harmful and deadly infectious viral disease, transmitted from person to person through common communications.

Polio vaccine is of two types, Inactivated Poliovirus Vaccine(IPV) and Oral Poliovirus Vaccine (OPV).  IPV is injected to arm or leg based on age, where OPV is provided like other vaccines.

When Polio Drop has given to children, the blood cells identifies that a deadly infectious Virus is getting ready to attack.

So, the blood cells (antibodies) collect enough minerals and vitamins within the body to kill the Virus. This initial process is the first immunization process of blood cells.

When the blood cells kill this Virus and virus causing substance, the body will get enough immunity to fight against any Viral disease in future.

And likely 90% of the children will lead this situation.

When blood cells fail to produce antibodies against this Polio Virus, the infant is likely to meet the deadly symptoms, paralysis and gets central nervous system affected.

Polio drop is to stimulate and enhance immunization of blood cells to fight against any harmful Viral Disease.

Source: sasaand.com

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