The Worse Things to Eat If You Have Tourette

Many people are curious about the effect of diet on tics. While there is little published information on this subject, parents and clinicians have reported that dietary changes can help reduce tic symptoms. Some individuals even say that they manage their symptoms solely through diet. This sounds promising. The question is – which foods should you avoid or even cut out altogether? Here’s where things get a bit tricky.

Unfortunately, there is no definitive list of foods that make tics worse. Different foods affect people in different ways. Hence, experts like Sheila Rogers encourage people with TS do some experimenting in order to determine which foods cause problems for them.

One reliable way of doing this is to try an elimination diet. This type of diet requires an organized effort on the part of the individual and their family. The diet involves not eating particular foods (in any form) for several days and then reintroducing the food to see if it causes any symptoms. There are two caveats to this. If you are somebody who already knows that they have a bad reaction to particular foods, do not test your reaction to that food. Those who are prone to significant reactions due to food consumption, should consult a physician or nurse for assistance before trying an elimination diet.


So how do you know which foods to try eliminating? Check out the list below. These foods are most often reported as causing negative neurologic reactions.
1. Milk
2. Wheat
3. Egg
4. Corn
5. Chocolate
6. Beef
7. Potatoes
8. Coffee
9. Citrus
10. Beans

Have any of the above foods ever bothered you or triggered your tics?
Wondering why sugar isn’t on the list? That’s because there is a whole blog post coming up next week devoted to sugar and TS.


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