Brain Experts Present New Tremor Treatment without Surgery

“Neuravive is a new essential tremor therapy providing patients with an effective treatment option that includes a single outpatient session and excludes incisions,” said Newmyer. “The ETEC is pleased to offer essential tremor patients with the ability to interact with medical experts and have their questions answered about how this procedure is improving lives.”

Neuravive uses FDA-approved focused ultrasound technology to relieve essential tremor without incisions and with minimal downtime. Neuravive can be used to treat essential tremor patients who have not responded to medication. During this treatment, ultrasound beams are focused on a point inside the brain to destroy cells associated with the tremor. Benefits are typically felt immediately by patients.

Each webinar presenter hails from a respected medical provider, including Swedish Neuroscience Institute, University of VirginiaMedical Center, Weill Cornell Brain and Spine Center, and Weill Cornell Imaging. A variety of medical professionals will present, including neurosurgeons, a neuroradiologist, and a neurological clinical specialist physical therapist.
At Weill Cornell Medicine, Dr. Kaplitt works with radiologist J. Levi Chazen, M.D., in a partnership between neurosurgery and radiology that ensures optimal patient outcomes for patients receiving focused ultrasound treatment for essential tremor. A board-certified neurosurgeon, Dr. Kaplitt has been featured on the Charlie Rose Show, Good Day New York, Business Insider, and other media for his work in essential tremor and movement disorders. His essential tremor expertise is valuable in educating others about this condition and the current advances being made in essential tremor treatment.
Dr. Chazen is a board-certified neuroradiologist at Weill Cornell Imaging and has clinical expertise in many minimally invasive procedures, including Neuravive. Dr. Huss is a board-certified neurologic clinical specialist physical therapist, and has extensive experience in the evaluation and treatment of individuals with essential tremor. Together, they will answer webinar guest questions and provide valuable information about essential tremor anatomy, treatment options, and Neuravive.
Dr. Gwinn, board-certified neurosurgeon and Fellow of the American Association of Neurological Surgeons, was one of the first to announce the new MR-guided focused ultrasound treatment option and availability at the Swedish Medical Center (WA). He has received multiple awards for his work in neurosurgery, and is viewed as a top physician in the northwest. His research was critical for obtaining FDA approval for the focused ultrasound technology behind Neuravive. Webinar guests will find his knowledge helpful as they learn more about essential tremor treatment options.


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