10 signs to identify Asperger Syndrome

Here we review 10 of the most common behaviors that can be observed and are useful for those who may live with a child with this condition.

  1. Fixation in a single activity

It is common for children with Asperger’s Syndrome focus on only one or few interests and do it for hours.Children seem obsessed with something, such as their cars, dolls, storybooks, so play and spend them an amount of time that seems outrageous.

  1. Talk like a “little professor”

In some cases Asperger children sound like little wise, can have advanced verbal skills, but because of its component autism spectrum, his speech can be focused on a topic that obsesses them and they want to talk all the time, another aspect it is that their speech is very formal, more than normal for their age and sometimes prefer to talk to adults.

  1. Difficulty interpreting social cues

Another key sign is social difficulties, decipher body language may find it complicated and wait their turn to perform an activity or hold a conversation. Group work at school is often very difficult to take because they do not wait their turn to participate and are not able to accept other points of view, which would be unable to sustain a two-way conversation. As a result children with Asperger can be isolated from their peers.


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  1. Need for routines

Asperger children often need daily routines otherwise all them can be confusing, showering at 8:30 am, breakfast at 9 am, lunch at 12, dinner at 6, going to bed at 9:30 pm … life very well structured. Get out of the routine for shopping or just hanging out casually, cause chaos and it is necessary to announce this change of plans including days in advance in order to avoid discomfort in them.

  1. emotional tantrums

Many children with Asperger syndrome can not manage their emotions appropriately, when emotionally overwhelmed can make tantrums, parents will be perceived as an inability to control emotions when the situation is out of control.

  1. Lack of empathy

Another sign of Asperger syndrome is an apparent lack of empathy for others and not have the notion of others have feelings, desires and needs, may appear as living in their own bubble.

  1. They do not understand the subtleties of speech

Children with Asperger’s may have difficulty understanding what transmits the change in tone and accent of the voice of others, they can give a literal meaning to words and unable to understand sarcasm, irony and double meanings are unable to distinguish when they are spoken seriously or is joking, believing everything they are told so be unlikely.

  1. unusual body language

They may have unusual facial expressions or postures, look much others or avoid eye contact altogether.

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  1. Delayed motor development

Sometimes you may have poor motor skills or motor delays in basic skills such as handwriting or cycling.

  1. sensory sensitivity

Some children with Asperger’s Syndrome have increased sensory sensitivity, which can easily be overstimulated by certain sensations such as bright lights, loud noises or textures.

If you suspect your child may have Asperger syndrome, the best way forward is to consult with an expert who conduct a professional assessment, do not be discouraged, a diagnosis of Asperger ‘s is not the end of the road, but the beginning of a different path to that of his companions “neurotypical” Do not forget that many great characters like Albert Einstein, Isaac Newton , and featured musicians like Syd Barrett, founder of Pink Floydhave the symptoms to be considered with Asperger Syndrome.


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