Girl pulls knife on 9 year old SPD boy threatening to stab him

A girl pulled a knife on a nine-year-old boy with developmental issues at a primary school, threatening to stab him.

Green Valley police were called to the southwest Sydney school on May 17 but played down the incident, describing it as “minor”.

The girl was suspended for eight days and returned to school on Monday.

On Tuesday, the Department of Education confirmed she had been suspended for a further 15 days as the result of threatening the boy again.

A Department of Education spokesman confirmed the incident had occurred and said any blade-related incident led to mandatory suspension.

“The local school network director has spoken with the mother of the boy involved … to address concerns that were part of consultation processes used to resolve the matter successfully on Monday,” he said.

There were 17,498 long suspensions (from four to 20 days) in NSW primary and high schools in 2014.

Of those, 516 were for possessing a weapon and 182 for threatening to use a weapon. The victim’s mother was told the offending student’s bag would be checked regularly and she would spend lunchtime in the library. And her son had changed classes.

“My son is depressed and scared as a result of the incident,” the mother said.

“How is a child bringing a knife to school a minor incident?

“The school wouldn’t tell me what sort of knife it was but my son said it was medium-sized, silver with a pointy end.”

Green Valley police crime manager Inspector Ben Hopper said the girl was dealt with under the Young Offenders Act.

Insp Hopper said police were only called to school incidents if they met a “certain threshold”.

“These sort of incidents attract a lot of attention,” he said. “A small thing can be blown into a big thing.

“There were no injuries arising from the incident and our youth liaison officer is working with both families and the school.

“Our schools are generally very safe places and there’s a lot of police engagement with our schools.”

The victim’s mother said she was happy with the sit-down on Monday and hoped the school would “follow through with its promises”.

“My son is no angel, he has his moments, but he knows what happens if you threaten someone with a knife,” she said.

The boy has sensory processing disorder, global developmental delay and severe phonological speech disorder.


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