Is Endless War The Legacy Of 9/11?

Is Endless War The Legacy Of 9/11?

NPR: Sept. 11 Legacy: One Endless War Against Many Radical Enemies

In the quarter-century from the end of the Vietnam War in the 1970s until Sept. 11, 2001, the United States rarely went to war, and when it did, the conflicts were so brief they were measured in days. The Gulf War in 1991 lasted 43 days. Airstrikes in the former Yugoslavia in 1995 went on for 22 days, followed by another round in 1999, that time for 78 days.

But since the Sept. 11 attacks, the United States has been fighting every single day for 15 straight years, the longest unbroken period in American history. The U.S. has carried out airstrikes, sent in ground forces, or both, in seven countries stretching from Pakistan in the east to Libya in the west. None of these conflicts has been resolved, and all signs point to years of strife ahead.

Sept. 11 has reshaped the U.S. in countless ways, but perhaps the most profound has been the transformation from a country where peacetime was the norm into one seemingly locked into a permanent state of war. Yet strangely, the country doesn’t feel much like it’s at war.


WNU Editor: I certainly do not see any light at the end of the tunnel.

The NSA Has Plans To Transfer All Intelligence Gathering To The U.K. In The Event Of A Terror Nuclear Attack On Washington

Shane Harris, Daily Beast: The Time U.S. Spies Thought Al Qaeda Was Ready to Nuke D.C.

American intelligence chiefs were so worried in late 2003 of a nuclear terror attack, they asked the British to take over their spying in case something ‘catastrophic’ went down.

On Christmas Eve 2003, Gen. Michael Hayden, the director of the secretive U.S. National Security Agency, made a secure phone call to his British counterpart, David Pepper, the director of the Government Communications Headquarters.

“Happy Christmas, David,” Hayden said, speaking to Pepper from NSA headquarters at Ft. Meade, Maryland, about 20 miles from the Capitol in Washington, D.C. Such social calls weren’t unusual. The NSA and GCHQ were the closest of allies in a global hunt for the phone calls, emails, and other electronic communications of spies and terrorists.

But Hayden had more on his mind than season’s greetings. In recent days, the NSA had been collecting what Hayden would later describe as a “massive amount of chatter”—phone calls and emails from terrorists—that suggested al Qaeda was planning multiple attacks inside the United States, timed to the holidays.


WNU Editor: I wonder if this is still in effect …. that the U.K. will be responsible for all U.S. intelligence gathering in the event of a catastrophic terror attack, or that the NSA back-up facilities will assume the burden.

15 Years After 9/11 The Terror Threat From Radical Islam Still Exists

United Airlines Flight 175 flies low toward the South Tower of the World Trade Center, shortly before slamming into the structure. The north tower burns after an earlier attack by a hijacked airliner in New York City, on September 11, 2001. (Reuters/Sean Adair)

Joby Warrick and Greg Miller, Washington Post: Fifteen years after 9/11, the jihadist threat looms larger than ever across the globe

Nine days after the Sept. 11, 2001, attacks, President George W. Bush stood before Congress to outline a two-pronged response to history’s deadliest terrorist act: dramatic improvements in security at home and an all-out assault against what he called a “fringe form of Islamic extremism” at war with the West.

Fifteen years later, the first goal arguably has been met, as Americans by almost every measure are safer today from another 9/11-scale attack than in 2001.

Yet the struggle to defeat the global network of violent, rabidly anti-Western jihadist groups has recorded fewer successes. Indeed, the problem appears to have grown bigger.

The al-Qaeda organization once led by Osama bin Laden has been decimated and is no longer capable of orchestrating a sophisticated, trans-national plot on its own, terrorism experts say they believe. Al-Qaeda’s branches in North Africa and Yemen also have been weakened by Western military strikes and ongoing fighting with rival factions.


WNU Editor: Here is an easy prediction …. this threat is going to still exist long after I have past from this world.

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Agnus Dei — Video Tribute 9/11

9/11 Video Tribute

Remembering 9/11 — List Of Links, Tributes, Videos, Pictures And Resources

WNU Editor: I posted this last year …. so here it is again.



Day of 9/11 Timeline – An excellent illustrated and detailed Timeline by Paul Thomas
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C N N Memorial – Victims of 911
CNN’s Memorial List of 9/11 Victims
Cantor Fitzgerald Families Memorial
Department of Defense Memorial Page
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USA Today: Names of Victims on the Airplanes


911 Commission – Official Website
911 Digital Archive
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September 11 Address to the Nation
September 20 Address to Joint Session of Congress and the Nation
November 10 Speech To The U.N.
Timeline and links to President Bush’s speeches and pictures


Attack On America Images
Black Day – Images From 9/11
Bill Biggart’s Final Exposures — His body and camera were found at Ground Zero
9/11 Images
9/11 Pictures
9/11 Research
Photos From Musarium
The Twin Towers, Before and After
A startling deck of high-resolution photos of the WTC site, most of which I do not remember seeing before.
Never-Before-Seen 9/11 Photos Released.


9/11 Video Tribute – A Fast Zoom In From Space To Ground Zero
New Police Helicopter Video From September 11 Attack Released
A Video Memorial. From Brain Terminal
America Attacked – Video Memorial
An excellent video memorial from YouTube
Chris Macke Photography — Video From The Top Of The WTC (a video memorial)
CNN Video Archive Of September 11, 2007
Twin Tower Videos
Free 9/11 Videos And Documentaries
The Building Of The Towers — A Video Clip
File 13: Paper Evidence — Blue Man Group presents some of the burnt, torn papers—typical of office work—that were found in Carroll Gardens, Brooklyn, after the 9/11 attacks.
YouTube – 9/11 Videos

Mohamed Atta’s Four Page Letter


Will The U.S. And Russia Join Their Military Forces To Fight Jihadists In Syria?

Daniel Politi, Slate: Moscow, Washington Say They Will Join Forces To Fight Jihadists in Syria

There was cautious optimism on Saturday about the temporary halt in the Syria war that was brokered by the United States and Russia. But there was also lots of skepticism as air strikes hours after the breakthrough deal was announced sparked doubts about whether any agreement could really hold. To be fair, the nationwide truce isn’t supposed to begin until sundown on Monday. Still, the fact that what everyone believes to have been Russian planes bombed a marketplace in northwestern Syria hours after the landmark U.S.-Russia deal was reached didn’t seem to be the biggest symbol of goodwill.

Even Secretary of State John Kerry, after 13 hours of negotiations, appeared to recognize that there are no guarantees any ceasefire deal will actually be followed. He was sure to emphasize though that, if everyone does what they’re supposed to, it could mark a turning point in the conflict that has raged for more than five years.


Update: U.S., Russia seal Syria cease-fire, new military partnership (AP).

WNU editor: Because there is no trust …. U.S.-Russian Syria Deal Lacks a Key Element: Trust (Leonid Bershidsky, Bloomberg) …. forming a military partnership will probably be next to impossible.

Battles In Syria Intensify As A New Ceasefire Is Set To Begin Monday

Reuters: U.S.-Russian Syria peace deal raises rebel doubts as fighting rages

The United States and Russia reached a breakthrough deal early on Saturday to try to restore peace in Syria, but air strikes hours later on a busy market place that killed and injured dozens added to rebels’ doubts that any ceasefire could hold.

The agreement, by the powers that back opposing sides in the five-year-old war, promises a nationwide truce from sundown on Monday, improved access for humanitarian aid and joint military targeting of hardline Islamist groups.

But hours after it was agreed, warplanes bombed a marketplace in rebel-held Idlib in northwestern Syria, killing at least 58 civilians, many children and women, according to rescue workers and the Britain-based Syrian Observatory for Human Rights. Locals said they believed the jets to be Russian.


More News On The Syrian War And Monday’s Ceasefire

Doubts, concerns greet Syria cease-fire deal as violence surges — Washington Post
Syria: Scores killed in air strikes ahead of truce deal — Al Jazeera
Syria conflict: Bombs rain down as truce hopes rise — BBC
Airstrikes kill, wound dozens in Syria ahead of cease-fire — USA Today
Deadly Airstrikes Follow Cease-Fire Agreement in Syria — WSJ
Syrian Government Renews Attacks on Rebels After U.S.-Russia Deal — Time
Syria Cease-Fire Agreement Gets Cautious Welcome — VOA
Even Amid Cease-Fire Countdown, Syria’s Conflicts Deepen — New York Times
US-Russia deal on Syrian ceasefire: ‘Positive sign but questions remain’ — RT
Analysis: Syria deal offers hope, but Russia calling shots — AP

Why Russia’s Tanks Are More Advanced Than American Tanks

Alex Lockie, Business Insider: US tanks have fallen far behind Russia in a key area

In 2006, Israel sent its top tier Merkava tanks to fight against largely unarmored Hezbollah divisions, but they still faced considerable losses owing to the proliferation of advanced antitank rounds, many of which originated in Russia.

Fast forward to the 2014 Gaza conflict with Hamas. Despite Hamas having similar weapons and backing, not a single Merkava or Israeli armored fighting vehicle was lost. The reason being that Israel had perfected the Trophy Active Protection System (APS) to defend its tanks.

The US, on the other hand, has not faced a peer or near-peer adversary in ground combat in decades, and, as a reflection of that, the US’s main combat tank, the M1 Abrams, lacks an APS.


WNU editor: The U.S. better pay attention to what the Israelis are doing.

Hillary Clinton Regrets Saying ‘Half’ Of Trump Supporters Are ‘Deplorables’

CNN: Clinton expresses regret for saying ‘half’ of Trump supporters are ‘deplorables’

ew York (CNN)Hillary Clinton expressed “regret” Saturday for comments in which she said “half” of Donald Trump’s supporters are “deplorables,” meaning people who are racist, sexist, homophobic or xenophobic.

“Last night I was ‘grossly generalistic,’ and that’s never a good idea. I regret saying ‘half’ — that was wrong,” Clinton said in a statement in which she also vowed to call out “bigotry” in Trump’s campaign.
The Democratic presidential nominee sparked an uproar late Friday when she described Trump’s supporters at a fundraiser.


Update #1: Clinton says she regrets calling Trump supporters ‘deplorables’ (FOX News).
Update #2: Clinton says she regrets labeling ‘half’ of Trump supporters ‘deplorable’ (Washington Post)

WNU editor: Regrets …. but no apology. In the meantime her supporters are working overtime ….Why Clinton isn’t sweating ‘deplorables’ (Politico). More here …. Why Clinton expressed regret (CNN). What’s my take …. the election is 7 weeks away …. it is only going to get more intense.

Donald Trump Warns Iran That If He Is President He Will Order The U.S. Navy To Destroy Iranian Vessels That Harass U.S. Navy Ships

L.A. Times: Trump: Iranians who harass U.S. Navy ‘will be shot out of the water’

Days after Iranian sailors harassed an American Navy vessel, GOP presidential nominee Donald Trump said on Friday he would have had them “shot out of the water.”

“With Iran, when they circle our beautiful destroyers with their little boats and they make gestures at our people that they shouldn’t be allowed to make, they will be shot out of the water,” Trump said.

Last weekend, seven boats containing the Iranian Revolutionary Guard Corps Navy approached the U.S. coastal patrol ship Firebolt in the Persian Gulf. One of the boats stopped directly in the ship’s path, forcing it to maneuver to avoid a collision.


More News On Donald Trump Warning Iran That If He Is President He Will Order The U.S. Navy To Destroy Iranian Vessels That Harass U.S. Navy Ships

Trump: Iranian boats that make improper ‘gestures’ will be ‘shot out of the water’ — Washington Post
Donald Trump Speaks Out Against Iranian Ships Harassing U.S. Sailors — WSJ
Trump vows to go to war with Iran if its soldiers make ‘rude hand gestures’ at US Navy ships — Daily Mail
Trump on Iran ship behavior: ‘They will be shot out of the water’ — CNN
Trump: shoot harassing Iranian boats out of the water — AP
Trump Vows To Destroy Iranian Boats That Harass U.S. Navy Ships — RFE

Pentagon: Iran Is Stepping Up Its Harassment Of U.S. Navy Ships In The Persian Gulf

The Hill: US military: Iranian behavior getting worse in Persian Gulf

Iran has stepped up its harassment of U.S. Navy ships in the Persian Gulf, angering the U.S. military and members of Congress.

Since the international nuclear deal with Iran was implemented in early January, the number of incidents involving U.S. and Iranian ships in the Gulf has approximately doubled.

The Navy has counted at least 31 interactions with Iranian naval forces deemed “unsafe,” “unprofessional,” or both, according to a defense official.

That’s about as many such interactions that occurred all of last year, according to statistics provided to Fox News.

And those are also only counting interactions that have met the criteria of “unsafe” or “unprofessional.”

Overall, there were more than 300 interactions between U.S. and Iranian forces last year.


WNU Editor: The Iranians know that the White House is not going to order U.S. Navy ships to shoot at these Iranian Navy vessels when they conduct these “swarm exercises” …. hence they are going to test the envelop to see what they can get away with..

China Wants Closer Military Ties With Myanmar

Visiting Vice chairman of China’s Central Military Commission Xu Qiliang (5th L) meets with Myanmar State Counselor Aung San Suu Kyi(6th L) in Yangon, Myanmar, Sept. 9, 2016. (Xinhua/U Aung)

Reuters: China eyes closer military ties with Myanmar

China’s military wants to strengthen ties with neighboring Myanmar by having more exchanges and greater cooperation, a top officer told Myanmar leader Aung San Suu Kyi during a visit to the Southeast Asian country, state media said on Saturday.

China has been on a diplomatic offensive ever since the Nobel Peace Prize laureate’s government came to power in April, aiming to forge good ties with its resource-rich neighbor.

Last month Suu Kyi visited China, where President Xi Jinping told her he wanted to ensure the “correct direction” of relations.


Update: China to enhance military ties with Myanmar: senior military official (Xinhuanet).

WNU Editor: The big complication in developing such a relationship is China’s support of some of the rebel groups in Myanmar …. China Opts for Closer Military Cooperation with Myanmar despite Supporting Rebel Groups (China Topix).

Iran Has Not Responded To The U.S. – Russian Agreement For A Ceasefire In Syria

France 24: US-Russia ceasefire deal on Syria faces three key challenges

The complex Syria ceasefire deal agreed by the US and Russia faces numerous challenges, from the deep mistrust between rebels and regime to the web of actors drawn into the war.

After marathon talks, US Secretary of State John Kerry and Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov announced the deal late Friday in Geneva.

It aims to enforce a cessation of hostilities and increased aid access to desperate civilians, and lays the groundwork for joint US-Russia military action against jihadists.


WNU Editor: Iran has always held the position that they want a military victory in the conflict …. not a negotiated compromise or agreement. As to their silence …. I suspect that they are not pleased with what they are seeing … especially in view of past comments from the Iranian leadership stressing the need for a military victory.

Editor’s Note

I have a gazillion things to do today. Blogging will return later tonight.

10 More Years Of War In Syria?

(Click on Image to Enlarge)

Jeremy Bowen, BBC: Syria conflict: Grim prospect of 10 more years of war

Someone visiting central Damascus for the first time might wonder where to find the war. The covered markets in the Old City are packed with busy people. Traffic jams snarl up the streets. People with money can eat in restaurants.

The centre of the capital is the showcase of the government of President Bashar al-Assad. It has functioned well enough during the day since the war started in 2011.

Nights are a different matter. The nightlife of Damascus lives on only in a few determined outposts.

But until this last spring, visitors would not have to search for the war. They could hear it, even if they kept away from places where they could see it.


WNU Editor: I have trouble believing that the Syrian war could last another 10 years …. then again …. I never thought that it would have lasted 5 years.

The Russian Military Shows-Off Their latest Military Exercise

Thermobaric bombs explode as other ordinance drifts down towards their targets on parachutes. Thermobaric missile launches are said to have been deployed by Russia in Syria

Daily Mail: An ominous display of military might: Russia flexes its muscles at the world by releasing footage of drills involving 12,500 troops, fighter jets and anti-aircraft missiles

* Display of military might took place in Crimea as Russia showcased its ground, marine and air forces
* It was the biggest exercises held on the strategic peninsula since its 2014 annexation from the Ukraine
* Flexing of military muscle sent out a clear message that any real attack on Crimea will be fought off

With jets zooming across the sky and dropping bombs that burst into balls of flame – this was a fireworks display with a deadly serious purpose.

The display of military might took place in Crimea on Friday as Russia showcased its ground, marine and air forces in the biggest exercises held on the strategic peninsula since its 2014 annexation from Ukraine.

The drills involved 12,500 troops, fighter jets and anti-aircraft missiles, and happened at the Opuk training range on the Black Sea coast.

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