Trump Reportedly Reveals Some Medical Exam Info to Dr. Oz After All

Donald Trump promised to reveal “large numbers.”

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Update, 1 p.m.: Donald Trump did ultimately reportedly reveal some of the resultsfrom his recent medical exam to Dr. Oz and that summary will reportedly be broadcast on Thursday’s episode of his show.

Original Post: Donald Trump’s anticipated release of his medical records on The Dr. Oz Show this week is not going to happen, according to what campaign aides have been telling reporters.

It had previously been widely reported that Trump would be revealing his medical records on the air to TV personality Mehmet Oz. But that seems to have been a story that was never confirmed by the candidate himself, or even Oz.

It appears to have spun almost entirely out of a quote by Fox News’ Brian Kilmeade onFox & Friends.

“I do know this,” Kilmeade said earlier in the week, “that Donald Trump will turn over those records right to Dr. Oz who will analyze it, and to many, it will be a surprise to Donald Trump what Dr. Oz is going to say.”

Again, this was never confirmed by Oz or by Trump.

Trump had said that he took a physical last week and would be revealing those details “when the numbers come in.” But he never mentioned Oz.

“This last week I took a physical and I’ll be releasing when the numbers come in—hopefully they’re going to be good,” he told Fox News on Monday. “I think they’re going to be good, I feel great. But when the numbers come in, I’ll be releasing very, very specific numbers.”

He also mentioned the “large numbers” in an interview with CNBC that same day.

“I did pretty much the whole deal, because I think we should, I think we should do that,” he said. “I feel very confident, otherwise I probably wouldn’t be telling you I did this, right?”

When Oz was actually asked about the subject on air by Kilmeade, he said that if there was embarrassing stuff in the medical record “I bet you he won’t release them” and that “it’s [Trump’s] decision” over what, if anything, would be revealed from his “personal records.”

When The Today Show’s Savannah Guthrie asked Oz if Trump would be revealing his medical records on his show as reported, Oz just said, “Well, he’s coming on the show. … He will be on Thursday.”

So, basically an entirely concocted publicity stunt that a Fox News host said was going to happen, but none of the major participants truly confirmed would happen, will not happen. All that’s really left to see is if Trump makes good on that promise to release those “very specific numbers” at any future point.

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