Did I Cause My Child To Be Born With Down Syndrome?

is it my fault

If you ended up on this page because you were searching for down syndrome causes or what causes Down syndrome, let me give you a quick spoiler alert: It isn’t your fault that your child was born with Down Syndrome. You did not cause Down syndrome.

There’s Nothing You Did To “Cause” Your Child To Be Born With Down Syndrome

First let me reassure you, there is nothing you could have done to cause your child to be born with Down Syndrome. Nothing you ate, didn’t eat, got exposed to, vitamin you forget to take or activity you did that caused your baby to be born with Down syndrome. If that thought has ever crossed your mind you can take a deep breath, and let go of any guilt or anger you may be feeling, because Down syndrome isn’t your fault.

It is very likely that you were surprised by this diagnosis at delivery as I was. You had no idea that your child was carrying that extra chromosome throughout your pregnancy. You are not alone, 85% of children born with Down Syndrome are diagnosed after delivery. Your OB did not miss anything either.

You could have had an ultrasound every week (like myself) and there were no clues that your child would be born with Down Syndrome. That being said your child has had that extra 21st chromosome since conception. Before you even knew you were pregnant their genes were set in place and there was nothing you, or your Doctor, could have done to prevent that extra chromosome. God knitted your little one together just as He intended.

our cute son was born with down syndrom

Just a few minutes after birth!

Mommy loving on her new son born with down syndrom

Having some mommy time!

You Don’t Control Your Eggs

It is most likely that the extra chromosome came from me. DO NOT FEEL GUILTY ABOUT THIS! You had no control over what happens at conception, and cannot pick and choose which egg will be used. We personally believe that your egg was handpicked by God. 🙂

Is this a topic that crossed your mind when you received a Down syndrome diagnosis? How did you process those emotions / feelings?

We are new parents of a child born with down syndrome

Leaving the hospital to start our fun new journey!

This is one cute boy with Down Syndrome

We love this little guy so much!

our son with down syndrom sleeping

What a cutie!

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